Hot Selections and Pricing per dozen*

  • $40*Pesto marinated scallops wrapped in prosciutto and chargrilled G

  • $40*Steamed duck and shitake wontons or spinach and pine nut wontons

  • $40*Scallop & caramelised onion tarts

  • $36*Lamb fillet wrapped in bacon & Dijon mustard G

  • $36*Lime and lemon grass crab cakes G

  • $34*Sweet potato dumplings with a chicken, water chestnut & prawn filling

  • $30*Pork, water chestnut and sweet chilli wontons

  • $36*Crumbed prawns with a dill and baby caper sauce

  • $30*Mini satay sticks - beef, lamb or chicken G

  • $30*Thai beef & vermicelli baked wontons

  • $28*Prawn & basil or pumpkin & cheese risotto balls V G

  • $30*Goujons of fish with our homemade tartar sauce

  • $25*Spicy chicken goujons with a yogurt dip G

  • $30*Mushroom caps baked with a pesto & swiss cheese filling V G

  • $25*Mini quiche - smoked salmon & ricotta, or smoked trout & asparagus,

  • $25*Filo triangles filled with spinach, cheese & pine nuts or pumpkin & ricotta

  • $22*Mini quiche with bacon & brie or spinach, cheese & almond V

  • $22*Mini focaccia pizza with assorted toppings

  • $24*Lamb, rosemary & olive balls or Chicken & coriander with Thai dipping sauce or Herbed meat balls with tomato chutney G

  • $24*Beetroot and black bean balls with a cumin yoghurt dipping sauce V

  • $18*Spring rolls, dim sims or samosas

  • $24*Spinach and cheese V or beef spanakopita

  • $22*Baby chicken drumettes- tandoori or lemon

  • $24*Our homemade Sausage rolls 

  • $20*Party pies with a cheese, herb and garlic crust


Note: Due to preparation time minimum orders of 3 dozen are required per item.


G - Gluten free

V - Vegetarian options


Take a look out extensive range of Hot Finger Food ranging from signature bite size Lamb fillets wrapped in bacon and dijon mustard, to our loved home made Sausage Rolls with a herb and garlic crust.

If you cant find something that you like, or would like something catered to your needs, feel free to call us and discuss your requirements.

As a guide, we recommend 6 - 8 items for 2 hours and 8 - 12 items for 3 hours.

Note. Due to preparation time a minimum order of 3 dozen are required per item.